"Evolved Engineering is the culmination of all of the experiences gained through being involved in the Construction industry over the past 28 years. Lessons learned through roles in Building Services Design, Construction, Sales and Management combined with the exposure and knowledge gained through working along side Clients, Project Managers, Architects, Interior Designers, Construction Managers and countless others have shaped the way that I think and the way I believe we should work and deliver our Engineering Services."

Engineering Consulting has changed very little over the past 28 years. There have been advances with the introduction of Computers and CAD software but the method of working has stood still.

We have seen companies try to shift the image of engineering within the industry whilst maintaining the status quo within their business. I believe that to truly change the way engineers behave and deliver to their clients we need to change the way we work, where we work, and how we are measured.

The past four years have truly been the most pivotal in evolving my vision for this company. With the introduction of Activity Based Working or Flexible working we have seen that the freedom alternate work methods give to people can inspire them to greater things and provide the working environment we thrive in.

To support this change in the way we work technology has taken big steps in providing a platform from which we can operate at any time and from anywhere. The combination of these new methods and new technology allow us to be more collaborative with our clients and project team members. We now have the ability to work anywhere, whether it be at home or sitting next to the Architect or Project Manager. All the resources and information we need is at our finger tips whenever, wherever. 

Evolved Engineering has embraced these new ways of working and we will continue to evolve with technology and the ways of thinking within the industry. We aim to utilise these ways of working to break down the barriers that sometimes still exist between the consultant and the contractor or builder etc...

Through working closer together with the Project team and through embracing the freedom of being able to work where we choose we can deliver better outcomes now and in the future

Nick Crace - Managing Director